We are a small company of two creative people (well four if you include our cat and dog, but their design talents are questionable).
Diane Foley
Hi, I’m Diane Foley. I’ve been called many things; a mind reader, a saint, a lifesaver, but my official title is graphic designer.

I take care of the design stuff, so pretty much 99% of the time clients work directly with me. I received my Associates in Graphic Design in 1995 and have been improving my craft ever since. After leaving Las Vegas and moving to Los Angeles in 2003, I began freelancing and in 2004 created The Visual Sense.

I’ve worked many different types of people and companies including real estate agents, service professionals, entrepreneurs, multi-million dollar companies, and new start-ups.

"Diane is able to turn our very rough ideas into reality with amazing speed. Everyone in our office can tell when we use Diane because of her great designs and fast turn-around. I wish I could get the same service from all my vendors.”

"…The best part about it is that [Diane] is like a mind reader. I will explain what I am looking for and within hours have something that was far better than I could have imagined.”
PJ Foley
Hello, I’m PJ Foley and I am a visual effects producer and artist.

I have been a professional in graphics and special effects for over sixteen years, creating works for film, television, and video games. If you are looking for movie or television visual FX work, contact us to find out more.

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